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Pennsylvania DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys Focused on Protecting Your Rights

At Ciccarelli Law Offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we focus on the following areas of our criminal defense practice:

DUI - There is nothing minor about a DUI charge in Pennsylvania. It carries severe consequences beyond jail time, including the loss of your license and excessive car insurance rates. Even a first offense can result in jail time. Learn about DUI Laws, Field Sobriety Tests, Penalties, Chemical Testing, the ARD Program and the best Defenses.

Subsequent DUI - Multiple DUIs or those that involve intoxication assault or intoxication homicide carry mandatory minimum sentences. A Drug-related DUI or DUI-Vehicular Homicide brings significant jail time. Pleading guilty on your own is not a wise option. Get the Ciccarelli Team to fight mandatory jail time.

Sex Crimes - At Ciccarelli Law Offices, we recognize the damage done by sex crime allegations. You are likely to face a court of law and the court of public opinion. Whether you are facing indecent exposure or indecent assault; statutory rape or rape; child pornography or stalking; or any Megan's law violation, you need aggressive representation.

Drugs and Narcotics - If you are arrested for drug paraphernalia, marijuana or cocaine charges for possession or trafficking, you may face mandatory jail time if the drug crime was committed within 1,000 feet of a church or school. Fight prescription drug fraud or a drug forfeiture procedure. That necessitates aggressive and seasoned legal representation.

For diligent and dedicated representation, contact us at 610-925-2500 or toll-free at 888-643-0006.

White-collar CrimesCiccarelli Lawyers fights for clients charged with theft and white collar crimes such as fraud, retail theft, burglary, credit card fraud or property crimes. The fact that your career is ending should be the least of your concerns if you are arrested for embezzlement or forgery. You may lose your freedom as well.

College Student Offenses - Area students and their parents come to our firm to find resolution to accusations of drug possession, fake id, underage drinking, computer crimes, and traffic offenses. Our office knows how to fight university police abuse and have dismissed cases expunged.

Juvenile Crimes - A youthful mistake can be costly. Pennsylvania's harsh juvenile laws can result in detention. Your child's criminal record can follow them all the way up to the application for their first job. Contact us for help.

Violent Crimes - Experience is vital, if not mandatory, when you hire an attorney to handle accusations of a violent crime. Learn more about arson, robbery, assault, gun crimes and terrorist threats. Having a former prosecutor at your side provides you needed insight on the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you.

Driving Offenses - With public transportation limited in the area, you need your driver's license to get to and from work, take your children to school and run household errands. Our office fights for you whether you are facing a hit and run, traffic ticket a vehicular homicide or a DUI. Losing it over a reckless driving ticket or other infraction affects all aspects of your life.

Domestic Violence - If the police show up to your house during a domestic violence call, someone leaves with them. Get advice on a PFA, Stalking or Witness crimes. Even if the other party chooses not to press charges, the prosecution can still bring them.

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You also need lawyers both passionate in what they do and compassionate in their treatment of their clients. You deserve a lawyer that is available when you need him, treats you with respect, and protects your rights vigorously. We make your choice all the clearer with locations throughout the metropolitan Philadelphia Pennsylvania, including Center City Philadelphia, West Chester, Exton, Kennett Square, Lancaster, King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Radnor and Springfield. Now is the time for action. Choose the winning strategy of Lee A. Ciccarelli. Together our legal team will give you the edge.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, please contact us. You can send us an e-mail or call us at 610-925-2500 or toll-free at 888-643-0006.

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