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DUI, Drug & Criminal Defense Lawyers serving Avondale PA when it matters.

Choosing the right Avondale defense lawyer does make a difference. Contact our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers serving Avondale Pennsylvania.

You may be panicking. You were coming from dinner or a celebration or a hard day at work or a family squabble. Now you are being treated as a criminal. It is a surreal experience. But, the consequence to your career, your reputation, and your family, are very real. Without the right Avondale Pa DUI and Criminal Defense lawyer, you may be facing incarceration, significant fines, loss of driving privileges and a permanent criminal record.

You need defense lawyers serving Avondale PA that can and will provide practical options and alternatives to a costly Avondale trial or life-altering period of incarceration. You need defense lawyer serving Avondale PA that are experienced in fighting and negotiating with the Chester County District Attorney's Office. Call 24/7 for a free consultation to speak with a Avondale criminal defense lawyer for arrests, charges, criminal complaints, crimes, citations, tickets and juvenile matters.

We are criminal defense lawyers serving Avondale PA and defending you and your loved ones when they are facing police prosecution, criminal conviction, loss of license, fines, costs and more. Use our Avondale Criminal Defense Team and our more than Twenty Five Years of combined experience working for you.

Working with clients to develop a vigorous defense

The PA Criminal Defense law firm of Ciccarelli Law Offices serving Chester County, helps our Chester County clients when they are facing all types of criminal charges. We take the steps you need to protect your rights, your liberty and your license. You need a strong criminal defense and we are the lawyers you need to consider for this important matter. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, contact an attorney with the experience to defend you vigorously.

Examples of the type of criminal cases we take in Avondale, Pennsylvania:

We have over 25 years of combined criminal experience involving:

DUI/drunk driving

Drug offenses

Delivery, Possession & Trafficking of cocaine, marijuana

Prescription Forgery including vicodin, oxycotin

Traffic violations

Driver's License and License Suspension matters

Violent Crimes: Assault (simple, aggravated)

Sex crimes

Domestic violence

Student Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

White Collar Crimes


Retail Theft/Shoplifting


Underage Drinking

Expungements & Pardons

How we get results for clients

As a Pennsylvania criminal defense law firm, we vigorously defend clients charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses throughout Pennsylvania. When needed, we work with investigators to develop an independent understanding of the case and charges. When trial is not an option, we take the steps you need to negotiate the best outcome for you, considering alternative disposition programs and intermediate punishment programs. In addition, we handle expungements of criminal records to help clients move on with their lives.

Over 30 years of Legal team experience working for you

During our free consult, you will see how prepared we are to tackle the complexities of your criminal case whether it be DUI charges or Drug charges in Avondale PA; Avondale domestic violence or assault charges; fraud charges or felonies charges or any other serious criminal matter.

Our promise: You need a lawyer who understands the seriousness of your case and will give it to you straight. You do not expect guarantees but you need a lawyer that you can trust to fight for you and your family to the fullest extent of the law. Our legal team promises to work for you; be thorough and aggressive in setting out the best strategies for you and your loved ones.

Keeping your legal costs reasonable

If you have been charged with a crime, contact a lawyer who can make a difference in the outcome of your case. We are based in the greater Philadelphia area (Chester County) and serve Avondale PA. Call Ciccarelli Law Offices at 888-643-0006. Learn how we will work toward the result you need.

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