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Burglary & Breaking and Entering

PA Burglary Attorneys

Are you facing criminal charges for burglary, breaking and entering or trespass in the state of Pennsylvania? Have the Pennsylvania State Police or local police arrested you or cited you with trespass or defiant trespass?  Our you facing charges in West Chester, Downingtown, Media or Philadelphia?  Do not take burglary charges lightly. Seek out the Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers that are reasonable and ready to fight: Ciccarelli Lawyers.  Speak to one of our PA property crimes lawyers to defend your charges or arrest for burglary, criminal trespass or breaking and entering.  Ciccarelli Lawyers is based in Chester County and our main office is located at 304 North High Street, West Chester PA.  Please contact us or Call us at 610-692-8700 or toll-free at 888-643-0006.

The charge of burglary is a felony offense and occurs when some breaks and enters into a property to commence a crime. A burglary has different punishment based on whether the premises is residence, unoccupied, occupied or a business.  The seriousness of a burglary charge often involves whether the break in occurred in a commerical establishment or business; an unoccupied residence, an occupied residence or other building like a detached garage.  

Breaking and Entering is a misdemeanor offense that occurs when someone breaks into premises which they are not licensed to do so. Criminal Trespass is a misdemeanor offense that occurs when someone enters premises which they are not license to do so but without breaking and entering. Defiant Trespass is a summary offense caused when a person enters upon the property of another despite warning not to do so.

It is critical to speak with an experienced attorney to discuss your burglary case, whether charge have already been filed or whether the police are still investigating.  Never agree to speak with the police ans subject yourself to their interrogation before you have obtained the advice of legal counsel to discuss your rights, and also the penalties and consequences of being charged with a burglary or breaking and entering.  

When evidence and guilt is not in question, extenuating circumstances may convince the court to either reduce the charges against you or the sentence you face. As your Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, we work with prosecutors in exploring alternative sentencing options when a plea of "guilty" may be in your best interest. In certain cases where provocation, a medical condition, or alcohol is involved, it may be possible to avoid jail or a heavy fine in exchange for a promise to get counseling, provide community service, and agree to probation.

Protecting Your Rights against Burglary and Property Crime Allegations

A misunderstanding can become a permanent criminal record and an indiscretion can become jail time. Need advice and get answers from our aggressive representation. You need a law firm that staffs seasoned criminal defense attorneys and a former prosecutor.

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You also need lawyers both passionate in what they do and compassionate in their treatment of their clients. You deserve a lawyer that is available when you need him, treats you with respect, and protects your rights vigorously. We make your choice all the clearer with locations throughout the metropolitan Philadelphia Pennsylvania, including Center City Philadelphia, West Chester, Exton, Kennett Square, Lancaster, King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Radnor and Springfield. Now is the time for action. Choose the winning strategy of Lee A. Ciccarelli. Together our legal team will give you the edge.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, please contact us. Call us at 610-692-8700 or toll-free at 888-643-0006.

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